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Our Mission

At India Spice, out mission is to bring the best ingredients from around the world, right to your doorstep. With a wide variety of authentic regional grocery and spice products, we strive to reconnect people with the familiar flavors of India.


At India Spice, we’re committed to sharing what we know best about our Indian heritage and culture: our food. We hope to continue to educate and expose new generations to the regional diversity of India and the richness of our culture and our food. India Spice is devoted to continuing its family tradition of personal service and exceptional quality. We guarantee that only the best spices and freshest food will end up on your table. From our store to your plate, we hope to share the rich traditions of our ancestors with your family.

India Spice is Charleston, SC based grocery retail store that focuses on flavors and foods found in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. We offer a full line of groceries including dry goods, frozen items and fresh produce.

Our Story

It was the desire to achieve more than living and working for the wealth of another that began the Gita’s Family journey to build her own business. After years of working in corner store in Charleston, opportunity came knocking for a small Indian grocery store close to the temple. Gita and her family decided to take on this new venture and by pooling meager savings they were able to open the small India Spice store located at 1694 Old Towne Road, Charleston SC. In April of 2015 India Spice was born.

After several years of hard work and success the Gita noticed a growing influx of Indians arriving in Charleston and living in low country. Even with the growing Indian population, many ingredients were not available or very expensive. As Entrepreneurs at heart, she decided to take the plunge and gave everything she had to building a brand.

Our Tradition

Our rich heritage is closely linked to our culinary traditions. Many Indian traditions are directly related to the foods we eat and the dishes we prepare. With the strict vegetarian diets found in many areas of India, ingredients like dals, lentils, and rice are nutritional cornerstones of Indian cuisine. The culinary diversity of various regions of India is tied together by a common thread; no Indian meal would be complete without the intense flavor of aromatic, all-natural indian spices.

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